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Provider Name
    Provider Type
      Swiss Representative
        Fund Currency
          Fund Domicile
            Authorised Countries for Distribution
              SFCL Asset Class
                Master Lipper Asset Class

                Lipper Sub-Class
                EFAMA Asset Class
                  Fund Provider Asset Class
                    Asset Class Investment Style
                      Fund Provider Asset Class SubCategory
                        PEA Plan d'Epargne en Actions
                          Is EU Directive Relevant
                            Fund of Funds
                              Is ETF
                                Has 130/30 Strategy
                                  Lipper Leading Ratings
                                    QI Form Subscription
                                    QI Form Redemption
                                    Restricted to Seperate Fee Agreeement
                                      Has Forced Redemption
                                        Restricted to Investors at ManCo
                                          Signed agreement between ManCo and Intermediary required
                                            Recommended Holding Period
                                              Minimum Initial Subscription Units
                                                Minimum Subsequent Subscription Units
                                                  Minimum Subscription Amount (Cash)
                                                    Minimum Subsequent Subscription Amount (Cash)
                                                      Trailer Fee Eligible
                                                        Total Expense Ratio
                                                        Is Trailer Fee Clean
                                                          Has Reduced Luxembourg Tax
                                                            Germany Front Load
                                                              Share Class Dividend Policy
                                                                Legal Form
                                                                  Type of EU Directive
                                                                    Home Country Legal Type Of Fund
                                                                          Eligible Counterparty
                                                                            Basic Investor
                                                                              Informed Investor
                                                                                Investor With Experience
                                                                                  No Ability For Any Capital Loss
                                                                                    Ability For Limited Capital Losses
                                                                                      Ability For Total Capital Loss
                                                                                        Ability For Losses Beyond Capital
                                                                                          Return Profile Preservation
                                                                                            Return Profile Growth
                                                                                              Return Profile Income
                                                                                                Return Profile Hedging
                                                                                                  Return Profile Options Or Leverage
                                                                                                    Eligible For Execution Only Distribution
                                                                                                      Eligible For Execution Only With Appropriateness Test
                                                                                                        Eligible For Advised Retail Distribution
                                                                                                          Eligible For Portfolio Management
                                                                                                          • Instruments with:
                                                                                                          • Searching