Manage your portfolios


A portfolio is a specific list of securities you wish to group together, available to apply to a search in the Fund Desk universe or the digital adviser

Here you can create and save any number of portfolios.

During the "check" process, we scan the list you provide and report on any matches we find. Results are displayed on the right

How do i use this form

Start by selecting the portfolio you would like to change/check. Or to create a new one, enter a name and click "add"

  • 1. Enter a name or select a previously saved portfolio
  • 2. Click the Add if you are creating a new portfolio
  • 3. Enter a list of securities ISIN/Valoren in the text box provided. you can copy and paste a list from excel or any comma seperated list
  • 4. Click on "check" to save the list. During the save process we will sanitise and validate the list.

NOTE: if you click "check" and there are errors in the list provided, the list will not be saved.

  • Select a saved portfolio
  • Name  
  • list of ISIN's and or Valorens

    Results of matched and unmatched securities will appear in this section

    Retired funds are funds that have previously been traded, and are now closed for trading