Clearstream Fund Desk

How to become a Fund Desk Provider

Process to join the «Clearstream Fund Desk» as a Fund Desk Fund Provider

How to Apply for a Membership

• Fund Data Template & Contact Details
The completion of the Clearstream Fund Data Template (excel file) is the first step in becoming a member of the Fund Desk membership program. By submitting a completed Fund Data Template your operational setup can be investigated and reviewed. Moreover, a list of contacts is required which includes administrator/TA/custodian and/or Local Domiciliary Representative.

• Services offer
If you are interested in taking the next steps we will arrange a visit to present the full service offering of the Fund Desk platform, discuss your requirements in detail, cover the legal and regulatory matters that govern the arrangement, all of which will lead to a formal offer with a choice of distribution support services from our service building blocks..

• Conclusion of Agreements
If our offer is acceptable and on completion of the initial operational check you will be sent a Fund Desk application form and a Fund Desk terms of service agreement. These agreements form the basis for the contractual relationship between Clearstream Fund Desk (“CFD”) and the Fund Provider but also form the contractual basis between the Fund Provider and Distributors.

• Announcement
Once the agreements are concluded all Distribution Partners will be informed via Newsflash about your membership to the platform.

We are glad to help if any further clarification is required. Contact details Client Services Team

Contact details Client Services Team

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