Clearstream Fund Desk

«Distribution Support Services» for Fund Providers

Fund Desk Distribution Support Services for Fund Providers

Acting as an agent for and on behalf of Distribution Partners Clearstream Fund Desk (“CFD”) provides administration services covering contract negotiation, trailer fee reconciliation and payment to distributors, collection and transfer of regulatory declarations & questionnaires and audit reports providing full support for this process. However, the CFD also supports the Fund Provider in the process by reducing the effort and cost of managing multiple relationships, contract negotiations and due diligence activity but the advantages don’t stop there.

With its innovative online strategy the CFD gives a convenient, centrally consolidated repository of distribution activity data and information. Further to this the Fund Provider can simultaneously market its products directly to its distribution partners through microsites, webinars and newsfeeds while meeting its regulatory obligations by disseminating investor suitability data on its funds to distributors and receiving details on distributors’ sales activities.

Modular service model

Participating Fund Providers have the choice to select from different service packages including:

• Distribution contract negotiation with one party, the CFD, using efficient contract execution, model agreements and flexible annexes covering list of funds, list of distribution partners, fees and country specificity (regulations., laws, taxes);

• Fund Provider Portal access including powerful and convenient analytic search tools to find Distribution Partners’ asset, transaction, net new money data etc.;

• Optional Analytics PRIME service giving access to all Clearstream client asset holding and transaction data (i.e. not just Distribution Partner data];

• Fund marketing support including the ability to promote funds through microsites made available to Distribution Partners and participation in webinars;

• Due diligence repository of KYD questionnaires, AML questionnaires, regulatory declarations and country specific reports (i.e. SFAMA declarations and documents); and

• «Sponsor» Providers will pay a sponsor fee which reduces the costs for Distribution Partners, i.e. administration, custody and ticket fees.

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