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Fund Desk is the collective term bringing together the services provided by the Investment Fund Services (“IFS”) division of Clearstream under one identity. With over twenty-five years’ experience in the investment fund markets, the Fund Desk prides itself in being an expert in this segment with employees who bring a wealth of knowledge in support of clients who distribute investment funds and fund providers who manufacture them.

Clearstream Fund Desk

The Fund Desk team working within the IFS division of Clearstream is part of the legal entity Clearstream Banking société anonyme Luxembourg (“CBL”).

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Business Activities

Equipped with modern delivery and communications systems to meet the demands of the markets, we are able to provide the type of personal attention to suit the needs of all our clients whether they are major banking institutions or smaller regional or local specialist financial intermediaries.

The Fund Desk's main business activity is an investment Fund Distribution Support service underpinned by negotiated distribution agreements with international fund management companies to provide a wide variety of funds at highly competitive terms and conditions. The service is available to selected customers and gives fast and efficient access to a vast amount of fund data in the distributable funds. This service allows the company to pool the volumes of its clients to provide improved pricing and remuneration for distribution services. Going forward and following the acquisition by Clearstream, the Fund Desk service offering will extend its network globally and will add further added value services.

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